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My 10 must have baby products

Right now I feel like a brand new mom. I am not a brand new mom but I feel like I am.

My first two children were born in a time where my life was complete chaos. I did not get to enjoy countless hours of researching baby trends and must have products. I didn't get the luxury of scouring over reviews and buying the safest or the most recommended vs. the cheapest or going without it. Whatever I had, it was because it was given to me at a baby shower, found used at a yard sale, or given to me second hand from a family member or friend. The thought back then of spending $200 on a baby swing was completely foreign to me as that was what I almost made after working an entire week.

Everything I didn't get to do with Lily and Logan - I vowed to myself I would get to do when I ever got the opportunity (or if ) I had a third child. And, I have done it, or am presently doing it and it feels amazing. I spent most of my pregnancy planning ( I am a planner by nature anyway) and I knew I wanted the best of all the things, but we also stick with a budget so with a heavy heart I have to tell you, that I do not have a $800 bassinet, I don't even have a bassinet! I kept my spending to a reasonable amount and have only purchased what I feel is necessary to make baby happy and our lives a little bit easier.

With all of that being said- I wanted to share my 10 MUST HAVE baby products with you. If you are pregnant, or a new mom or even a second, third, or eighth time mom and you feel like you are starting over again or just a person who wants to have a child in the future maybe you will get some good tips on what you need for the little one in your life. All product pictures are clickable links to please click the photo to go to the item and purchase it! The best part? ALL of these products are from AMAZON. My favorite place.

1. Evenflo Travel System-

At first I was set on an UPPA baby stroller or one of the ones that was set to run me $500-$1000 but then I started thinking of ALL the baby clothes I could buy if I just got a basic stroller. As I was scrolling through Amazon I found this set and started reading the reviews. Aesthetically it is just as pretty as the strollers you see Instagram moms pushing but it also is functional. We used the bassinet topper when she was tiny newborn and on walks where she is napping. We use the frame and plop the carseat into it for quick on the go strolling or shopping and appointments and we plan to use the bassinet converted downward when she gets bigger and will be able to sit up. So many options! and a few colorways too! Click the photo for a link to the product!

2. 4MOMS Mamaroo-

We absolutely love this swing but there are a few drawbacks to take into account. The price. It is $50-100 more than most baby swings. The weight limit. It only holds up to about 25 pounds which sounds fine but we already notice that it goes a tad bit slower once our 13 pound baby is placed into it- so I am sure by the time she is 20 plus pounds it will be barely able to push through. regardless- we love it- aesthetically it is cute, modern and it is space saving. It is also quiet and it has a front to back motion compared to a side to side sway. Ruby takes most if not all of her naps in this swing and for that we think it is a product must have.

3. AngelCare Bathsupport-

If you have seen my Instagram stories - you know about the Bathtub Chronicles ft. Ruby Claire. This is one of our favorite products but sadly her chunky self is outgrowing the ability for us to place her in it and sit her on a counter. It does not have a strap or anything to keep her in it and she is starting to learn to kick her feet (and we (or should I say my husband) is a safety freak) so we shall use it for its original intent which is as a bathtub support seat. ugh. But for the first 3 months- this makes a great seat to plop your little on into on the counter or coffee table so they can see what's going on, you can interact with them, and you can still get stuff done.

4. DockATot Deluxe -

This product is one of my personal favorites. We use it daily - especially at night. We sandwich this bad boy between us in our bed and plop sweet Ruby into it and it does a few things for us. 1.) it make sure my husband who is a deep sleeper doesn't roll on top of baby 2.) it keeps her in close quarters as we are freaks and check her breathing constantly and 3.) it helps this mama be able to pull her over the side thing and scoot her over to the boob to eat several times throughout the night. All three are very important, and as a mama who gets up around five AM every morning- NOT having to get physically up to grab baby for feedings is essential to my life and everyone who encounters me daily.

5. JOOVY PlayPen-

This Play Pen has been essential to us. We didn't set it up until right before I went back to work from Maternity leave as Ruby and I were mostly in bed when we weren't going to appointments etc. but once we got this thing set up- we have wondered why we didn't sooner. It is aesthetically super cute. I have the gray version as pictured. It comes with a changing table attachment and a bassinet insert for baby to nap and play while small. We will take this insert out once she gets bigger to keep her little self confined. This playpen has LOTS of storage on the sides and underneath and is so stinking easy to fold up and place in the bag for travel which was really important to me.

6. Comotomo Bottle System-

As a breastfeeding mom who is just absolutely desperate to keep her supply up and exclusively breastfeed- I was very picky and apprehensive about purchasing bottles. I would give anything to be able to only nurse Ruby but as life has it- I am a career woman and have to go to work so I needed the best bottle on the market with slow flow and a real nipple like feel. The last thing I wanted Ruby to get was nursing aversion or whatever they call it. So after researching we landed on the Como Tomo System. It has slow flow so that she has to suck hard and work for it, it has a wide nipple and the bottles are SO easy to clean. We love them!

7. AVENT Bottle Warmer-

Cody and I were discussing the other night - our favorite baby products- and we both agreed that this is our number one ESSENTIAL. He uses it all day every day. I go to work where I tirelessly teach and pump, teach and pump and I bring home bags of milk that we freeze and thaw out for the next day. So the bottles have to be warmed up. This warmer is sleek, compact, and works fast and easy to clean! Gone are the times of microwaving bottles (ugh that was what I did 8 years ago YIKES) and or putting it under the faucet and running hot water over it (which takes a thousand painful years)

8. Multi Function Diaper Bag-

I originally bought this to use it as a true diaper bag and we did. But after I went back to work I began using it as a pump bag and it works even better in this capacity. It has a cooler type pocket for pumped milk or bottles if you are on the go, it has large capacity and fits a spectra pump in it (those things are big) and can fit all the parts etc on top. I can put two water bottles on either side to keep hydrated and tons of pockets for nursing pads, creams, snacks, etc. I love it and the price is on point for sure. Plus- my husband likes to be able to wear it as a backpack when we are out as a family.

9. Cutie PAT Pacifier-

I first bought this after searching for pacifiers that wouldn't cause a baby to not breastfeed, aversion blah blah blah. I stumbled across this and thought "how cute!" I pulled the trigger and bought a few on Amazon and then a few with clips from the Ryan and Rose black Friday sale and have not been disappointed. I can't wait to purchase some teethers when she starts cutting teeth. This product is cute, easy to clean, durable, and she keeps it in well.

10. Spectra S2 Pump-

I spent the MOST time researching breast pumps and was certain I was going to purchase a Medela. I had a Medela when I breastfed Lily and Logan (before giving up) and I thought it worked well. Any milk that was pulled out of the ball of stress I was when they were babies was a victory and I thought that Medela was the reason why! After doing extensive reading and watching- I mean hours of video comparisons, reviews, struggle stories etc. I decided to give the Spectra a shot. I truly think it is part of the reason I have been able to successfully breast feed Ruby for going on three months so far (a year is my current goal). It has awesome suction, easy to clean, and I bought a car adapter for it when I need to go out to my car or pump on long family trips. I absolutely love it and plan on purchasing a second to keep in my office soon.

That''s it! Like I said before- everything is from AMAZON. Which is AMAZONing (like amazing but for Amazon?) okay I am done. I have not had much sleep since Ruby has been born and this was the most I could do for today. I hope you got some great insight into baby essential items. For me, these are daily lifesavers. In a world where there is SO much to choose from - it is good to be certain that you have everything you need versus want and to feel confident as a mother. Stay tuned for entries on my must haves for hospital bag and for my breastfeeding success essentials.

<3 Lindsey

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