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10 small businesses you need to shop with this season

As most of you know, I run Ruby & Co and we are by all means a very small fish in a very big pond and without the ability to spend money on marketing, each and every review, share, and purchase (no matter the size) makes a huge difference!

I am on a mission this season to purchase as much as I possibly can from small and local shops and I hope you will join me. This article is highlighting several of my favorite shops with a direct link straight to their shop! How could I have made this any easier for you?!

So, without further a due. Here are my favorites, which will become your favorites. Just click the link on the photo to take you to the shop!

Happy Shopping!

1.) MAW Crafts

This small shop is ran by a friend and a fellow etsy using mama. She has the cutest holiday decor, gifts, and so much more!

2.) Stealing Magnolia Shop

This small shop is ran by a local mama to my hometown area and she handmakes the most beautifully intricate jewelry and decor. So many options of gifts that will last forever.

3.) Southern Belle Studio

This shop is ran near my hometown and ran by a mama I went to school with. She has a physical studio that you can visit for crafting and paint parties and she also has an online shop where you can order so many customized gifts!

4.) Plunder Jewelry - Ansley

Another friend I grew up knowing! (see a trend here?) She is a stylist for a company that sells really beautiful jewelry and she has a Facebook group that makes it super easy to order. So many good gifts!

5.) Senegence Makeup - The Pink Posey

This friend of mine does wonderful makeup tutorials and shows how to use it everyday not just when getting super glammed up. She is so likeable and makes you want to just get one of everything. This is a great gift or you can buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

6.) Viv & Olive

A local to jax and fellow etsy shop mama. She is a creative maker and her products are top notch quality and beautiful. Pick something up for a gift, you won't be dissapointed.

7.) Thirty one Gifts - Niki

So many great gifts from 31 to help you organize your life. Especially with kids and on the go, these totes are truly amazing. Right now, the medium utility totes are $10 with $35 purchase. They are also great teachers gifts.

8.) GROW Family & Yoga

This yoga studio is local to Jax and offers so many services for individuals and families. Wonderful classes, fun after school and date night options and they even host birthday parties. Get someone you love a membership or check out all the local shops she carries by checking out the shop in person!

9.) MoreLoveLessWaste

This little shop is full of handmade and unique items. You can find the shop on Etsy. So many creative options to get your loved one this holiday season!

10.) Lula Belles Boutique

Lula Belles is ran by a friend that is local to my hometown and has some really cute boutique options if you like your little ones dressed to the nines. Shop for every day or seasonal wear today!

And, that is it. All 10 of my current favorite shops. If you didn't find what you are looking for please try going to etsy and searching or shopping your local vendor fairs and holiday markets this season.

Always remember!

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