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Recipes to try this week if you are a tired mom

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I bet you thought this entry would have pizza in it ... but it does not. I just love pizza and it is the easiest and best thing to make but also the cheapest thing to just order and serve on a paper plate when you just cannot do life at that moment. I mean kids, they have to be fed three meals a day and then a thousand snacks in between and then when you make an elaborate 50 step dinner and pour your heart and soul into it - they don't like it. It is either "spicy or tastes funny." You know what I am talking about. If you have more than one kid - you probably have one that ONLY eats the crescent roll or the biscuit at dinner. ugh

Thank goodness for lunchables and uncrustables right? That is what goes into their lunchbox every day. I am not one of the crunchy moms that makes heart shaped uncured turkey sandwiches and makes my own organic soy pudding cups etc. Not me, I can't. Probably never will. Despite the fact that I just cannot get the energy to be that mom that is always doing the most, I do somehow find enough energy to make a quick and simple dinner during the week nights. Before I started grocery list prepping and using SHIPT to deliver my weekly groceries based on the meals I want to make - Cody and I would usually be racking our brain around 4 pm and trying to piece together random ingredients to make something and eventually we would say screw it and order Uber Eats or some other form of food delivery which can be unhealthy and expensive.

So while I was on maternity leave I decided to try some new recipes and they had to pass THE test for us. The test included 1.) had to be quick 2.) had to be as little ingredients as possible (no one wants to chop rosemary and smash garlic cloves on a Monday) and lastly 3.) my kids and husband had to love it. The last test that is an unoffical test is that my husband had to be able to make it without me being there next to him. I won't say that he was able to pull that part off 100 percent but we are getting there!

So if you are a tired mom, hang in there. You are doing a great job and you can do this. These recipes can be prepped in under 15 min and most can be served in under thirty. For me, that is a mom win. No, these are not going to be sugar free, dairy free, gluten free or keto friendly. I am a breastfeeding mama and more hungry than I have ever been in my life all. day. long so we aren't cutting out my carbs just yet. I do look for dairy alternatives to help with little ones colic but sometimes you just need some real cream cheese- you know what I mean?

Here are five recipes to try this week if you are a tired mama like me!

Click the pictures to be linked to the recipe!

1. Sausage Tortellini Soup

This is a definite staple in my house. We omit the onion, garlic and fresh parsley (please feel free to add that if you have it but if you need to save 5-6 minutes and your kids hate onions- don't feel bad for leaving it out. It is still delicious. I also add fresh baby spinach or use the spinach stuffed tortellini so my kids get some extra veggies. You can also cook this in an instant pot or crock pot as opposed to a pot on the stove. Just add the spinach and the tortellini in last so it doesn't fall apart and get weird.

2. Tater Tot Casserole

Also known on the interwebs as Cowboy Casserole. My kids LOVE this recipe. We make it in a big casserole pan and they eat sometimes 3 servings of this. We omit the onion again but you can totally add it - I am sure it makes it more flavorful! Serve it with some green beans or mixed veggies and you have a decently balanced meal. I mean - it's better than the happy meal they really want.

3. Mississippi Pot Roast

This meal is a cold weather favorite. I mean there is nothing more comforting than a plate of hot pot roast and some mashed potatoes. Yum. This recipe is so stinking easy its stupid. Less than 6 ingredients- you throw them in your instant pot or crock pot and go. This recipe my husband can totally make and make well!

4. Chicken Cordon Bleu Lasagne

This recipe can be modified to however you want it. Sometimes we take out the lasagne noodles and just have the rest of it (which can be modified to be keto friendly) and sometimes we don't make the sauce and just sub in alfredo sauce. It is so good regardless, have fun with it and make it easy for you.

5. Honey Sriracha Salmon

This last recipe is my wildcard recipe. Some kids will not eat salmon- and mine some of the time do not. So we let them pick another option for themselves like a frozen pizza or leftovers etc when we decide to make this but it is so good and had to be mentioned. I also really love salmon so there that is. I make it with sauteed green beans and some jasmine rice and it is so good. Make a little extra for lunch the next day because the sauce is to die for. Also- feel free to modify. We don't ever marinate the salmon because ya know- no time. We also don't put the rice wine vinegar on it or any garnish etc. Make it easy for you. That is the whole point!

and there you have it! Five recipes you can try this week that will leave you feeling accomplished because you kicked ass, took names, and made your family a nice meal. I will continue to share more recipes as we try them! Trust me- if I can make this stuff on a weeknight - you can too. Also- ladies- delegate to your husband! Don't let that man tell you he doesn't know how to turn a crock pot on- it is only one button Steve. One button.

I hope you get a full belly and some sleep tonight!

<3 Lindsey

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